Facility & Campus Services – Assistant Waste Diversion Coordinator

Department:                                   Facility & Campus Services

Job Title:                                         Assistant Waste Diversion Coordinator

Average hours per week:             10

Specific working hours:              Monday, Fridays, and some weekends

Job duties/Skills:

  • Requires creativity and ability to work independently.
  • Routine duties will vary by specific projects.
  • Interest and/or connection to department
  • May conduct research, check bibliographic information, proofreading, and indexing.
  • Year round employment available for local students

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand and apply professional and ethical responsibility
  • Exhibit their understanding of ensuring a safe work environment
  • Constructively receive and apply professional feedback

Additional Information from Department:

This position will be available through Facilities and Campus Services (F&CS) and will work directly with the office of Waste Reduction and Recycling. The position requires the ability to drive a golf cart, lift up to 30 lbs, and handle compost/organic waste. 

  • Compost Collection: (2 hours per week) Compost collection from Subway and Office buildings. The Student will be required to collect organic waste/compost from different offices and dining locations and bring the waste to the Reynolda loading dock. **Student must be able to drive golf carts. 
  • Documenting recycling receptacles (2-3 hours per week): The student will be required to document location of trash and recycling receptacles at individual buildings and make a google form map proposing additional recycling bins. 
  • Pilot Expansion (Hours vary): The student will be required to assist with expansion of a paper towel compost collection pilot 
  • (Optional) Research (3 hours per week) The student will assist with research on Sustainability, waste reduction/diversion, and recycling. 
  • Event assistance (Hours vary): The student will be required to assist with game day events by monitoring recycling bins, compost bins, and handing out recycling bags