Campus Recreation – Intramural Sports Official

Department:                                  Campus Recreation

Job Title:                                         Intramural Sports Official

Average hours per week:             6

Specific working hours:               Sunday – Thursday, 5p-11p

Job duties/Skills:

  • Work in a variety of recreation/athletic settings both indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Assume responsibility for safety of patrons and enforce rules and regulations
  • Explain, exhibit and enforce safety rules and regulations governing sports, recreational activities, and the use of exercise equipment

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhance their time management, problem solving and, teamwork skills
  • Develop cognitive and interpersonal skills that are measurable and transferable

Additional Information from Department:


The Department of Campus Recreation provides opportunities for the social and physical development of students through aquatics, facilities operations, fitness, intramural sports, outdoor recreation, and sport clubs. Intramural sports officials will work to enforce appropriate rules and regulations for each specific sport or event, conduct contests in a professional manner, maintain professional attitude and appearance, and work positively with the Intramural Sports program to maintain a safe environment for all participants in the program. 

Program Area Responsibilities

  • Officiate intramural sports contests, leagues, tournaments, and events in a fair and impartial manner to the best of their ability 
  • Attend all scheduled training sessions and meetings
  • Requires a detailed breakdown of the adjudication of the rules of the game, officiating mechanics and procedures, fouls and penalty signals, and conflict management techniques. 
  • Attend mandatory staff and department meetings
  • Assist with setup and breakdown of events
  • Be able to communicate and assist with all information in the Intramural Sports Handbook 
  • May be expected to work as scorekeeper and track accurate statistics for intramural sporting contests
  • Enforce program policies based on the Intramural Sports Handbooks
  • Advocate healthy participation opportunities for Wake Forest community 

Department Specific Responsibilities

  • Enforce facility policies and procedures consistently to all participants. 
  • Ensure adherence to departmental safety/risk management procedures.
  • Work on special projects to help improve the department in serving the university better and help generate and maintain statistical reports. 
  • Perform other duties as assigned by any member of the Campus Rec professional staff member.


  • Interest or experience in sports as an athlete, official, or coach 
  • Ability to calmly execute conflict resolution and uphold departmental policies under pressure in critical situations  
  • Be a self-starter and constantly look to improve service
  • Willing and able to work evenings
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Customer service skills that help resolve conflicts in a professional manner
  • Able to lift 30lbs.