Residence Life & Housing – Graduate Assistants / Graduate Hall Director

Department:                                  Residence Life & Housing

Job Title:                                        Graduate Assistants / Graduate Hall Director

Average hours per week:             average 20 – but varies each job

Specific working hours:              Varies for each job

The Office of Residence Life and Housing offers several different assistantships for Wake Forest graduate students.

Each position carries a different set of responsibilities, experiences and benefits.

Expectations and Requirements

  • GAs are considered to be student employees and are not provided with the benefits of a professional staff member.
  • GAs must be enrolled as a full-time graduate student in one of the approved WFU Graduate programs and/or Professional schools
  • GAs must maintain a 2.5 GPA while employed by Residence Life and Housing.
  • GAs must maintain good academic and disciplinary standing with the University throughout the duration of employment. Good standing includes no active sanctions or disciplinary probation with Housing and Residence Life, the Dean of Students Office, or Graduate and Professional School programs.
  • Hours are not to exceed 29 per week.

To read more about these opportunities click here. There is a link to apply on their webpage.