Student Engagement – FSL – Event Resource Manager

Department:                                 Student Engagement

Job Title:                                        Event Resource Manager

Average hours per week:             10

Specific working hours:               varies


The Event Resource Manager (ERM) serves a key role in assisting the Wake Forest University
community understand safe and healthy ways to navigate the university’s social environment. This
includes students 1) understanding relevant policies and resources 2) feeling empowered to host events
with alcohol in a safe manner and 3) being aware of key times of the academic year when high risk
behaviors may be normalized in the social environment of the institution. The ERM plays a key role as a
peer in helping students and student organizations navigate these challenges.

Essential Functions
Major Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Event Management: ERM staff is to assist event host(s) with managing an event that is
    successful; as well as compliant with university guidelines.
    ○ ERM staff empowers the event host(s) to manage their own event.
    ○ ERM staff that observe infractions to the university policies and guidelines contact the
    event host(s) so they can resolve the issue.
    ○ ERM staff conduct periodic checks of the events to assess for “Risk,” and work with event
    host(s) to mitigate risk.
  • Campaigns: ERM staff create initiatives that bring awareness to campus social needs as
    identified through feedback and collaboration from students, faculty and staff. Examples of these
    social needs include (but are not limited to):
    ○ High risk times of year:
    ■ Senior Fifth
    ■ Homecoming
    ■ Beach Weekend
    ■ Mountain Weekend
    ○ Aspects of student training opportunities regarding high risk behavior
    ■ Bystander Intervention
    ■ TIPS
    ■ Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)
    ■ Stop, Drop and Roll Training


  • Policy and Protocol: ERM staff teach other students about key policies and protocols that assist
    individuals and student organizations in safely navigating Wake Forest University’s social
    environment. These include:
    ○ Social Host Training
    ○ Medical Amnesty Training
    ○ Pre-Event Planning Meetings