LGBTQ+ Center – Student Assistant

Department:                                  LGBTQ+ Center

Job Title:                                        Student Assistant

Average hours per week:             8

Specific working hours:               n/a

Job duties/Skills:

  • Must possess good oral and written communication skills.
  • Requires creativity and ability to work independently.
  • Routine duties will vary by specific projects.
  • Assists departments and organizations with marketing and distributing various publicity/promotional items.
  • May also organize and conduct special events that may include ticket sales, design and produce print publications, gather, interpret and disseminate information.
  • See below for additional job information.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhance their time management, problem solving and, teamwork skills
  • Develop practical competence through obtaining experience relating to their degree
  • Understand and apply professional and ethical responsibility
  • Develop cognitive and interpersonal skills that are measurable and transferable

Additional Information from Department:

JOB DESCRIPTION: The LGBTQ+ Center at Wake Forest University seeks a Student Assistant. The LGBTQ+ Center exists to provide education, advocacy, and support for WFU students, staff, and faculty around gender identity and sexual orientation. The Student Assistant will support the Center Director and Assistant Director in overseeing administrative responsibilities, planning events and programming, and managing the Center’s space.

 Duties may include: 

  • Planning and implementing student-facing programming related to gender and sexuality;
  • Assisting Director, Assistant Director, and Graduate Assistant in planning and implementing Center events;
  • Staffing the Center welcome desk;
  • Answering visitor questions;
  • Promoting Center events through distributing promotional materials;
  • Recording Center visitor statistics;
  • Providing supplementary office coverage and administrative support for the Director and Assistant Director;
  • Overseeing the LGBTQ Center Library;
  • Help maintain a welcoming a safe space in the Center;
  • Manage the Center bulletin boards to keep them current and organized;
  • Grant card access to students.

QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE PREFERRED: The ideal candidate has interest in and/or experience working with LGBTQ+ and allied communities, as well as strong programming and communication skills. We welcome candidates with an academic interest in LGBTQ studies or Women’s and Gender Studies. The LGBTQ Center recognizes the intersectionality of identity with regard to race, class, gender, religion, ability, nationality, age, sexual orientation, and gender identity, and seeks candidates with a strong commitment to campus-wide diversity and inclusion.