Campus Recreation – Personal Trainer

Department:                                  Campus Recreation

Job Title:                                         Personal Trainer

Average hours per week:             2

Specific working hours:               n/a

Job duties/Skills:

  • Must possess good oral and written communication skills
  • Requires creativity and ability to work independently
  • Related experience and/or fitness related continuing education is desirable
  • Assist community with Fitness needs
  • Routine duties will vary by specific projects
  • Assists departments and organizations in providing excellent customer service.
  • Work in a variety of recreation/athletic settings both indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • Assume responsibility for safety of patrons and enforce rules and regulations
  • Must have National Certification

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhance their time management, problem solving and, teamwork skills
  • Understand and apply professional and ethical responsibility
  • Exhibit their understanding of ensuring a safe work environment
  • Develop cognitive and interpersonal skills that are measurable and transferable
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and rationale for departmental safety regulations and proper use of equipment
  • Develop an understanding of professional cultures and expectations